Innovative sessions

Innovative sessions

An exciting series of innovative sessions are planned in a dedicated hall. We welcome all early career psychiatrists and participants to come and attend these interesting sessions

WPA 3 Minutes Presentations Competition

The WPA 3 Minutes Presentations Competition will be an interactive session with a series of short presentations aiming to improve presentation skills of early career psychiatrists (ECP) and facilitate and exchange of among them.

The format of a competition aims to encourage early career psychiatrists to effectively explain their topic in 3 minutes in a clear and succinct way, improving their vocal pitch accuracy and trying to capture the audience’s attention.

The session will be chaired by one ECP and one more senior psychiatrist.

Each presentation should only have 1 slide and last 3 minutes. The presentation will be  followed by up to 3 minutes of Q&A from the audience.

There will be 15 presentations in the session.

Participation for this session is now closed. It is no longer possible to apply for a space. 

How will the winner be decided?

The audience will vote on each presentation and prizes can be won!


Diagnosis and Treatment of Complex Cases (2 Sessions)

During these sessions early career psychiatrists, supported by a senior expert will present case histories of people with mental disorders whose diagnosis and management presented a number of problems. The speakers will describe the cases highlighting the issues and invite the audience to engage in a discussion and in the search for solutions to the problems which they faced.

WPA Books Presentation

Authors will present their books.

Digital interactive Theatre: Behind closed doors

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A considerable proportion of safeguarding work relates to the abuse of people who are living in their own homes. Domestic abuse is most commonly thought of as violence between intimate partners. To present the subtleties of assessing and managing domestic abuse, this innovative theatrical approach challenges audiences to make decisions about safeguarding and domestic abuse while providing opportunities to dialogue about approaches and legal frameworks that can be used. This is a live theatre production where the audience will use a participants response system to decide what the actor should do and influence the direction of the play.

The Digital Interactive Theatre will show a play about domestic violence. The play involving three actors will be led by a narrator guided by the audience’s opinion. The audience will vote (through their smart-phones) to select the direction of the play on several occasions throughout this session and the narrator will lead the actors according to the votes of the audience.


Open Market of Ideas

Open Market of Ideas is a session providing space for the presentation of plans for mental health projects with an objective to find partners in their conduct.  The session provides an excellent opportunity to find additional support, invite collaborators, develop new initiatives or join ongoing international activities.  Those interested will add their name to the list of speakers (15 speakers to be selected on a „first come first served“ basis) and have to be ready to talk for 5 minutes about your project or idea. It is entirely up to the speaker to arrange their presentation – PowerPoint slides can be used but this is not obligatory.

Those interested to participate and present are requested to sign up at the registration desk no later than 18:00 on 22 August.